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The Birthplace of Dreams

You want to remember that you are not separate from God, and along the way you are going to be given reflections of what it is to be that. That self-recognition begins to mature as a new habit and new way of being. There is one current of energy, one light, and as you receive it, you extend it. At this frequency we are simply extending the light that we are receiving and in the process all of the obstacles are being resolved. Time is not involved. Presently I am offering you the resolution within the context of the conditional idea of yourself that you are bringing to me. You are being given in exact measure what you are prepared to accept, receive, and understand. I am a vehicle of His work. Join with me. Do as I do. Be this vehicle. Receive me and as you do, give unto me. Your reception of me is your give. There is no time or place or state where God is absent. God is present. Where are you? Present or absent? 

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