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Pithy One-Liners


Bring the alchemy of Love into conditions to generate Divine Translation, which IS the Out-shining of the world.

  • The bridge from time to eternity is physical, set in time but yielding only to eternity.


  • If Nothing Real can be threatened and nothing unreal exists at all, then that which IS (apparently) threatened, DOES NOT EXIST. Herein lies the Peace of God.


  • We are Safe in Our Perfect Intimacy With One Another. It is Translating into a State of Grace Wherein Which All Needs are Met.


  • Cellular Memory and Transfiguration: When (Any) Cells are in Perfect Accord, They are Already in Light.


  • There are patterns (symbols) on display that apparently interact as discrete forces (view points). How they are INTERPRETED determines whether the world is Transcended with Humor or struggle. (It will be Transcended in every case.) If one interprets the patterns as being in conflict, one will suffer the time it takes to responsibly resolve the conflict forever (forgive). If one Interprets the Patterns as Whole Parts or Aspects of a Unified Symbol or Pattern which (in Its Entirety) is a Momentary Modification or Total Expression of Infinitely Free Energy, there is Humor to the Degree of Ecstasy.


  • Our Vehicle of ascension is LOVE.


  • Radical Honesty: Never Projecting Anything (in any Given Context) that is not Already the Case.


  • I Am Intimately (Inseparably) Involved with the Total Event of This World.


  • There is Real-God Power in the Realization, Embodiment, and Enactment of Everybody All At Once (Forgiveness). When any two or more are Gathered in Real-God’s Name, the Unifying Power of Real God is Released to Infinity, Indiscriminate in Extension and Infinite in Power.


  • We need not (and never will) agree on specifics (they don’t exist), we need only Agree that Only Real God can bring Us Together. It is Enough.


  • Both the Message and the Messenger are Perfectly Transparent. Failure to Perceive this is either willful, or a call for correction. A sincere call ALWAYS generates a state in which the nature of both message and messenger can be Clearly Seen. Mankind is not a problem solver; Mankind (as a Whole) is the Solution to the (one and only) Problem. Better than the body’s eyes see nothing, is the fact that they can (through sadhana) be trained to perceive no differences; you, thereby, stand free and unafraid.


  • A Glorified Body Shimmers Ecstatic, Reflecting the Light of Its Source.


  • Everything that is Done, is Done for the Sake of the Entirety.


  • Love is Free Energy. To BE a Lover, is to (Wholly) BE the Agency for the Transformation of particle (patterns of form and the chronic identification WITH them) into Free Energy or Infinite (and thereby WHOLLY REALIZED) Potential; at first by Standing as WHAT LOVE IS in the midst of the “seeming”, then BEARING WITNESS to the Transparency of Form, and ultimately, Rejoicing in the Perfect Compensation of UNDIFFERENTIATED LIGHT.


  • “Only the sane can look on stark insanity and raving madness with pity and compassion, but not with fear.” NONE of it is Real, and ALL of it is ME. I therefore utterly submit this body/mind to Bright Outshining.


  • A true conversation with God takes the shape of all that appears.


  • We’ve ALREADY crossed over; THIS is the Celestial Realm. And, we’re not going anywhere until there’s Only One of Us. (This, then, would be a good time to be wrong about everything except maybe for this: taxation without representation is tyranny (against yourself).

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